I remember my dad and I were driving home from Publix and we were stopped at a red light. We had the windows halfway rolled down, there was a nice breeze coming through the crack that let the outside air slip in. It was pretty quiet, almost silent with the exception of the car next to us that had music blaring and the occasional honk of a car horn in the distance.

There was a white car and a silver car both of them turning at the same time, thinking they were both going to make it. Neither of them did, resulting in a loud sound of metal crunching together. It seemed as if everything else around me had stopped.

I then heard the sound of someone screaming for help. It was a woman in the street she was perched over something but I couldn’t see over the car in front of us. My dad picked up his cell phone quickly dialing 911 as the limp body of a young red headed girl was positioned on the pavement right before our eyes.

It had just been seconds after the girl was flown out of a car windshield of the silver sedan and flung out onto the pavement when I began to hear the harsh halt of brakes and the slamming of several car doors followed by the sounds quick paced footsteps as people ran over to the girl making sure she was alright.  Some ran back to their cars to retrieve their cell phones and various items others stay near checking the girl’s pulse or wiping the thick textured blood from her brow. I waited in the car as my dad jumped out with his cell phone watching others draw toward the center of the road.

Seeing people of all different races, ages, who are complete strangers, come together helping one another because something has happened. Working together not even considering what color skin each of them had or which president they had planned on voting for didn’t stop them from attempting to help this girl. The thought of caring about their religion, ethnicity, or political views hadn’t even crossed their minds. All that mattered at the moment seemed to be how they were going to get the partially dried up blood that was crusted beneath the girl’s nose off.

Seeing this made me realize that in time of need people will set all of their differences aside so they can come together and get the job done. It’s almost as if they don’t know they are doing it. Who knew that people, complete strangers could all just not care for a short amount of time work together and seeing each other for whom they were right then?

After that day I thought about if people would come together like they did when that car accident happened. I hoped that one day the world could be like that but not because something tragic has happened, but just because. Just because we all live in a world together and we should respect one another. One day I hope that it won’t matter what we look like, or what we believe in. I hope that we won’t be judged because of those things either. Why does it matter anyways?

One day I just hope we can see each other for our similarities instead of our differences.